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  • Ohio Turnpike Commission: Concrete Barriers
    • Ohio Turnpike Commission: Concrete Barriers

      Concrete barriers are offered by Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission and are available at various locations in OH. 

      Location Contact: Jeff Landel (440-821-3358)
      Inspection Date: By Appointment Only
      Location: Please see lot conditions for a list of available locations. 

      There is no removal assistance. Buyer is responsible for all labor, equipment, logistics and associated fees to remove the barriers.

      You are required to furnish all labor and equipment for removal. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold the Commission harmless from all claims arising from your loading, transporting and unloading the materials or any other aspect of your performance, and agree to maintain liability insurance applicable to those liabilities. You further agree to include the Commission as an additional insured on the required insurance policies, and agree to look solely to your insurance compensate for any loss or damage and expressly waive any subrogation or any other claim or right of recovery against the Commission or its insurance policies.

    • First Lot Scheduled to Close: Mar 2, 2017 10:30 AM CT

    • Lot Count: 2

    • Highlights:

      • 12ft Concrete Barrier Walls

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